hardship, friendship, battleship, personalities, enlightenment, unthinkable Other common nouns are uncountable (or non-count): e.g., information, furniture.


It should rather be Children can also have A difficulty with social language skills or pragmatics”. Because here “difficulty” means “problem” (a count noun), and not "TO DO or UNDERSTAND. It’s an uncount noun." But I have never seen "I have a difficulty". Thank you for your coming explanations.

He has survived periods of financial hardship before. noun. 0. A non-count noun is something we don't count. It has no plural form.

Hardship count or noncount

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Meaning: one glass of juice, or a particular kind of juice Example sentence: I'll have two beers and an orange juice, please. 7-8 USING SOME AND ANY noncount noun plural count noun any + noncount nouns any + plural count nouns 60 I need _____ time to study. some Exercises SOME OR ANY ce some any 61 We dont have _____ cheese. any 7-8 Lets Practice some any 62 All children should have _____ books.

ESL students are not in love with noncount nouns! Help them understand count and noncount nouns better with this three-page grammar guide, worksheets, and an activity.It is ideal for student self-study, review, and as supplementary material for any lessons on nouncount nouns.What's Inside:Grammar G

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NN 1469 2.591831 iV NN 1469 2.591831 county NN 1469 2.591831 journal NN 905 1.596737 fluently RB 905 1.596737 aal NN 905 1.596737 non-count JJ 757 1.335613 hardship NN 757 1.335613 perfume NN 757 1.335613 steadily 


Count Nouns and Definite Articles “The” is used when referring to specific nouns, so we call it a definite article. A definite article is when the reader knows the noun’s identity — for example, “The orange was delicious.” “The” can also modify noncount nouns — for example, “The food” or “The coffee” (). Plural count nouns 1.
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Noncount nouns, sometimes called mass nouns, cannot be counted and so they do not have a plural form. Some noncount nouns are mud, coffee, energy, and happiness. Some nouns can be count or noncount depending on which definition you are using. 2019-11-04 A noun that cannot be counted in individual units.

Count nouns refer to things that can be divided up into smaller units which are separate and distinct from one another.
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Smiles = count noun; happiness = noncount noun. Because the beautiful Josephine will help Pablo with his calculus assignments , he never minds the homework from Professor Ribley's class.

Meaning: a common food that's made from wheat or other grains. Example sentence: My grandmother used to bake her own bread.

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He has survived periods of financial hardship before. noun.